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Chris Robinson

My name is Chris Robinson and I am a collector of vintage fountain pens and vintage desktop items. For many years I have restored fountain pens to sell to other collectors and the general public. Vintage Fountain Pens Inc. (VFPI) is the international successor to my earlier trading name of Vintage FountainPens.

How did it all begin? In common with a number of fountain pen collectors I caught the collecting "bug" when coming across an old fountain pen which had been restored. It was a Conway Stewart No. 75, the model I lost at school. From that moment I was hooked.

Restoration followed a short time later when I discovered the satisfaction of taking a pen previously ignored in a drawer for 20-30 years and restoring it to, as near as possible, its former glory. This skill, initially self taught, was subsequently reinforced by expert tuition from Arthur Twydle - to whom I am grateful.

With my early working life spent in sales and marketing, it was only a matter of time before I started to sell the pens I had restored in London antique centres and fairs. Whether customers bought because my enthusiasm was infectious or they appreciated the care taken in restoration it is difficult to tell, but as vintage fountain pens quickly bond with their new owner I am sure they are satisfied with their purchase.

Fountain pens are part of our social history. Few items these days can be handed down from grandfather to mother to son or daughter and provide the same satisfaction and length of service. Many customers remember the pen given to them on graduation or some other special occasion, or their mother’s handwriting when making up a list for the grocer or writing a special message in a birthday card. This site provides you with the opportunity to own or gift a vintage writing or desktop item to add to those memories. Others, no longer enamoured of biro or “gel”, are looking for a pen that reflects their personality, is aesthetically pleasing, a pleasure to use and is reliable for everyday office and personal use.

I hope you enjoy your browsing and buying experience.

Vintage Fountain Pens - ready to use today.