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Vintage pens

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Conway Stewart1209 - 18ct Gold BandsIn stock5919
Conway StewartNo.28 - Light and Dark Green PearlIn stock5891
Conway StewartNo.475 - Jet BlackIn stock5900
Conway StewartNo.475 Bandless - Blue MarbleIn stock6000
Conway StewartNo.55 - Green MarbleIn stock5998
Parker 45- Grey Shield Pen and BallpointIn stock6009
Parker 45Harlequin Red ShieldIn stock5981
Parker 50- Falcon TX Pen and BallpointIn stock5960
Parker 51- Black Lustraloy Cap - Medium to Sl. Broad NibIn stock5914
Parker 51- Burgundy - Rolled Gold CapIn stock5789
Parker 51Black with Rolled Silver CapIn stock5943
Parker 51Duo Fountain Pen + BallpointIn stock5792
Parker 51Signet - Gold Fill Cap and BarrelIn stock5886
Parker 51Teal Blue + Rolled Silver CapIn stock5942
Parker 51Vacumatic - Cordovan Brown - Blue Diamond CapIn stock5788
Parker 51Vacumatic - Rolled Gold BandIn stock5984
Parker 61 - Rainbow CapIn stock5990
Parker 61- Vista Blue (Turquoise)In stock5883
Parker 61Consort TrioIn stock5884
Parker 61Pen and Pencil Set - Classic GreyIn stock5806
Parker 65Flighter Fountain Pen and BallpointIn stock5856
Parker 65Rolled Gold Stratus Fountain Pen and BallpointIn stock5989
Parker 75Ecossais/TartanIn stock5808
Parker 75Grain d'Orge - Fine BarleyIn stock5686
Parker 75Queen Elizabeth - Limited EditionIn stock5947
Parker Duofold1950's - GreenIn stock5836
Parker DuofoldDe Luxe - Black and PearlIn stock5822
Parker DuofoldJunior - Classic BlackIn stock5858
Parker DuofoldJunior - Pen and Pencil SetIn stock5805
Parker DuofoldNew StyleIn stock5162
Parker ModerneGreen and Gold MarbleIn stock5853
Parker VacumaticDanish Olsen - Silver PearlIn stock5575
Parker | others105 - Rolled Gold BarkIn stock5885
Parker | othersVictory - Light Brown Pearl and Black MarbleIn stock6018
Pelikan140In stock5872
Rolled Gold Overlay- clipless modelIn stock5908
Sheaffer Targa- 1004 Sterling Silver - Straight LineIn stock5992
Sheaffer Targa- 1005 Fluted 23k Gold ElectroplatedIn stock5993
Sheaffer TargaLaque Dark Green VeinIn stock6006
Sheaffer TargaLaque Green RonceIn stock6005
Sheaffer TargaSterling Silver - ChequeredIn stock5967
SwanStar Panels Gold Fill Ring TopIn stock5927
WatermanW5 Classic Black - Oblique NibIn stock5877
Waterman Lady Patricia- JadeIn stock5982
Waterman Overlay- Silver Wedding - Line and DotIn stock6002
Waterman Overlay452½ v Sterling Silver BasketweaveIn stock5773
Waterman OverlayRose-Ripple 9ct Gold - Line and Dot In stock5677

Vintage Desktop Items

For more details about any item, click the stock number.

- Russian Papier Mâché Pen BoxIn stock9313
1920's Royal Doulton Shagreen Desk Pen HolderIn stock9315
Carltonware for Onoto - Birds in Flight Desk Pen HolderIn stock9311
Hinks - The Tennis Player Nib boxIn stock9251

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